Cosmetic surgery is not considered a luxury anymore; The Cosmetic Surgeon can have an effective role in changing the life of a hopeless depressed woman suffering from obesity, some facial or body defect into a delightful confident person who can face the world confidently and without being shy from her physical appearance. Also a young man with acne scars all over his face or with deformed nose that led to his isolation and lack of confidence can be turned by the art of a cosmetic surgeon into a positive person who can lead a happy enjoyable life.

Dr. Hossam AbolAtta is considered one of the best known cosmetic surgeons in Egypt, he was awarded his degree and finished his training in Ain-Shams university; one of the biggest and oldest Egyptian universities, he also practiced cosmetic surgery in France and Turkey.

Dr. Hossam AbolAtta is specialized in cosmetic surgery where face and breast surgeries are among his main interests in which he received intensive training in Paris by Dr. Daniel Marshak; one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons worldwide.

Among other things he’s exceptionally skillful in the use of endoscope in face and forehead lift cosmetic surgeries. He is very efficient in tummy tuck, liposuction and body reformation.

He is also considered one of the most famous cosmetologists in non-surgical cosmetics.

Dr. Hossam AbolAtta and his team are capable of fulfilling your needs with high efficiency and talent.

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Nose cosmetic surgery

Nose cosmetic surgery is one of the most common surgeries, for men and women equally, to fix congenital abnormalities, deformities caused by accidents, injuries or former surgeries, also to cure breathing disorders caused by vomer deformities. Causes may vary but the fact still is that the nose is the most important element of the face and nothing else affects the face look more than the nose; because it’s the most noted part of anyone’s face.

Forehead and eyebrows lift

The eyebrows usually get flaccid due to aging process, which leads to deep wrinkles in the forehead so the forehead lift surgery used as a separate surgery, or as a part of face and neck lift surgery.

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

This surgery aims to remove the unwanted fats and skin around the eyes. This surgery usually performed under local anesthesia and takes about 1:30 hour for the upper and the lower eyelid.

Facelift surgery

This surgery aims to fix flaccid skin and muscles and to remove any extra fats off the face and neck. This surgery usually performed under local anesthesia and using painkillers in addition or under general anesthesia. This surgery takes from three to five hours. Most of the patients can go home after the surgery but some of them prefer to stay in the hospital for couple of days

Neck lift surgery

This surgery, basically, performed in the neck by making incisions behind the ears (sometimes in front of it) and under the chine. Then the surgeon pulls the flaccid skin toward the ear and removes it. This surgery does not fit those who have a lot of flaccid skin under the jaw and on the neck, which sometime called by turkey wattle, because they need a complete face-lift surgery for best results.

Chin Cosmetic surgery

Chine plays a very important role that affects the face attractiveness. Large or small chine may negatively affect the balance of the face and its elements. This surgery usually performed under local together with venous painkiller injection or under general anesthesia. Chin bone size reduction is by making an incision in the mouth behind the lower lip. Chin cosmetic surgery is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries also, inflammation is very rare in this surgery. Chin Cosmetic surgery can be performed alongside with jaw surgery in which the teeth and jaw put in their natural position, or alongside with other cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs.

Ear Cosmetic Surgery

This surgery aims to correct ear defects and we prefer to be in early ages to avoid any inconvenience. Ears are easy to fix even its fully complete or not. Most of ear cosmetic surgeries performed the age of 4 to 14.

Breast Enlargement:

this surgery is for the women who suffer from: Small breasts Flappy breasts after birth or breastfeeding Uneven breasts This surgery aims to enlarge the breasts size using silicon cases, which we put under the breast tissues or chest muscles to reach the proper size. تهدف العملية لتكبير حجم الثدي باستعمال اكياس السيليكون ، حيث يتم إدخالها تحت أنسجة الثدي أو العضلة الصدرية بهدف تحقيق حجم مناسب

Breast Reduction

Some women suffer from abnormal breast growth that leads to containing fats, which increase the breast size and cause mastoptosis. In addition, it leads to psychological problems caused by the breast look and physical problems caused by the breast weight like nick and back pain also breathing difficulties, Scoliosis excessive breast growth appears in girls at all ages without any relation to pregnancy or birth.

Breast Lift

When woman’s body loss its shape and begin to get flaccid, the breasts loss its shape and get flaccid too; in this case breast lift surgery will give them their strength back no matter how they size.

Breast Reconstruction

This surgery is to fix congenital malformation that impedes breasts from growing at all after puberty or to rebuild the breasts after mastectomy to cure breast cancer. In case of breast cancer we will discuss the situation and the proper protocol to use with the oncologist responsible, to develop integrate therapeutic program for the patient. Breast Reconstruction surgery can be done using skin from the lower abdomen, the back or the buttocks of the patient also we can use artificial skin. There are many factors that can affect that kind of surgery like the proper time, surgery type, surgery effectiveness after the breast tumor removal and more other factors that have to be studied before choosing the perfect therapeutic plan.


Who shall have this surgery? Patients suggested for this surgery are those who suffer from the excessive size of the vaginal lips, which causes itching, redness and feeling uncomfortable when wearing tight cloths, or during sexual intercourse.


Vaginal muscles becomes loss and flaccid after giving birth which lead to dissatisfaction for both husband and wife during sexual intercourse so this surgery aims to increase the muscles strength by lifting it alongside with supporting fabrics.

Academic degrees

Academic degrees of Dr. Hossam AbolAtta


• Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Ain-Shams University, Faculty of medicine.
• Master of dynamic nose repair and beautification from Ain-Shams University, Faculty of medicine.
• PhD in plastic surgery and laser, Ain-Shams University, Faculty of medicine.

Training after graduation:

• Department of plastic surgery and burns, Ain-Shams University, Faculty of medicine.
• Başkent University, Ankara, Turkey
• Department of plastic surgery, Necker Hospital, Paris

Scientific societies

• Member of the Egyptian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.
• The International Union of Plastic Surgery and reconstruction.
• The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)


Hossam Abol Atta

is accredited by:

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Prof.Hossam Abol Atta


Botox is used now to removes wrinkles and relax muscles on the face such as vertical lines due to frown and wrinkles around the eyes.


This way is used in minor flaccid cases by injecting substances like collagen with 9 month off after every session. These injections delay the need for face lift surgery.

Fat Injection

Fat Injection is made in different areas in the body especially the face to improve the appearance of the skin, show the lips and cheeks and reduce wrinkles. The fat is taken from some areas in the body and re-injected in the areas wanted to be modified. Due to absorbing a part of the fat, the surgery must be repeated when necessary.

Acne marks treatment

Surgery is to be after assuring the stabilization of the patient’s case and without any new acne. To cure acne marks we have to use tow ways or we can do the three ways at once for best results. each way has its pros and cons.

Peeling Skin Syndrome

Surgery is to be after assuring the stabilization of the patient’s case and without any new acne. To cure acne marks we have to use tow ways or we can do the three ways at once for best results. The medical treatment aims to remove the outermost layer of the skin to grow another healthier layer to achieve flat surface.

Hair care and baldness cure

Hair beauty gives the face a pretty touch and gives the one a clear noticeable feature therefor we suffer when find negative symptoms on it which can lead to psychological and sociological problems that push us to the doctor asking him for help to cure wither hair loss or baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss; genetic reasons or acquired reasons, some of it may be temporary or permanent and it may reduce hair density or cause baldness.

Male Breast Surgery (Gynecomastia) treatment

Men have breast glands already which are touchable, precise and solid, located under the nibble in both breasts causing no symptoms but if its diameter exceeds 2 cm and the breast began to be noticeable, then it will be diagnosed as Gynecomastia


Diet is a nutrition program that depends on safely providing the body with a reduced amount of the calories needed, without suffering or feeling hungry. In addition to that, we add some medicine and exercises to remove any flabbiness, also to lose weight by increasing the amount of energy that body spent.

The lap-band

This surgery is performed in the cases of excessive obesity that have negative response to diet. This surgery is performed using laparoscope to put a band around the stomach to contain less amount of food. It is a very safe and effective surgery if the patient were prepared well for it using the latest surgical technology

Body reshaping surgeries

These surgeries are performed in cases of local obesity or for those who suffer from excessive obesity. Model weight can be achieved by lap-band surgery. We can divide body-reshaping surgery as follows.

1- conservative methods: Those methods are without surgery and used just to deal with small amount of fats or as pre-surgical procedure or as complement to liposuction surgeries. These methods also includes fat lose using laser, flabbiness treatment using LPG endermologie device and massage sessions to reshape the surface fats under the skin.

2- liposuction surgeries These surgeries are used on the fatty areas that have no sign of flabbiness or have a very low degree of flabbiness that allows the skin to retrieve its flexibility to be repositioned in its natural place after the liposuction surgery.

3- liposuction with skin lift This surgery performed on fatty areas that have flabby skin it also include abdomen, arm, thigh and chest lift. It’s performed through specific incisions that are chosen carefully so it leave no noticeable scares

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Beauty is an important aspect of modern life. People today not only want to feel good inside, they also want to look good outside Maybe you are considering enhancing your breasts or your buttocks, or getting rid of that excess of fat, or improving your nose shape, or give a fresher look to your face. Maybe this is too expensive in your country.Or just you look for privacy and discretion. Maybe you are considering having this surgery abroad, but with safety and confidence. ENTER and know all what you have to know about safe and affordable plastic surgery!!

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“He is one of the best surgeons in the middle east”

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Prof. Daniel Marshak said that “Professor Hossam AbolAtta worked as my first assistant at Necker Hospital and during his work, he showed a great knowledge in the field of cosmetic surgery and a great deal of wisdom in taking medical decisions, moreover he gained a great deal of respect for his patience, knowledge and kindness when dealing with my patients. He was also very punctual and was always taking the best care of my patients.

Eventually I want to express my happiness to get the chance to work with him and I highly recommend him”.

Prof. Daniel Marshak

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